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HCIA-AI. Part 3 – What is AI

Тренинг-центр Huawei
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Тренинг-центр Huawei

Artilect era is coming, are you ready?
Do robots have intelligence?  Will AI replace human?
The victory of AlphaGo, the success of Driverless,breakthrough in pattern recognition...
the rapid development of AI surprised us over and over again,
AI is coming, how about you? 

This lecture is the part of the HCIA-AI course.

This course matches the HCIA-AI V1.0 (Released on April 4,2019). Through the preparation for HCNA-AI, you will systematically understand and grasp Python programming, essential mathematics knowledge in AI, basic programming methods using TensorFlow (a machine learning and Deep Learning platform framework), pre-knowledge and overview of Deep Learning, overview of Huawei cloud EI.

The course otline:
1. Overview of AI
2. The past of AI 
3. What is AI 
4. AI industry and AI society 
5. Python. Introduction to Python 
6. Python. Data Container 
7. Python. Python Grammer 
8. Python. Operations 
9. Math Basics. Linear Algebra 
10. Math Basics. Probability Theory and Information Theory 
11. Math Basics. Numeric Calculation 
12. Tensorflow. Basics 
13. Tensorflow. Using 
14. Propaedeutics and Overview of Deep Learning. Learning algorithms 
15. Propaedeutics and Overview of Deep Learning. Common Machine Learning Algorithms 
16. Propaedeutics and Overview of Deep Learning. Parameter Estimation 
17. Propaedeutics and Overview of Deep Learning. Deep Learning Basics 
18. Propaedeutics and Overview of Deep Learning. Neural Networks 
19. Propaedeutics and Overview of Deep Learning. Applications of Deep Learning 
20.  HUAWEI Cloud EI Overview

You can find additional materials and pass a test here (needs to pass the registration).
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