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HCIA-Cloud Computing Training. Part 3 – Cloud Computing Overview

Тренинг-центр Huawei
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Тренинг-центр Huawei

This lecture is the part of the HCIA-Cloud Computing Training V3.0 course.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
- Describe the trend of IT development, cloud computing architecture and technical concepts, and understand the architecture, features and application scenarios of Huawei cloud computing solutions.   
- Describe the architecture, features and technical principles of FusionCompute, and understand the definition, installation and functions of CNA and VRM.
- Describe storage resources, storage devices, and data storage, describing the relationship between disk and storage.                                
- Master the basic knowledge of the network, understand the management of virtual networks and physical networks.       
- Mastering the concept of virtual machines and templates and related operations.
- Mastering the operation and operation of FusionCompute and FusionManager.

The course outline:
Chapter 1. Cloud Computing Overview (1-3 parts)
Chapter 2. Huawei Cloud Computing Solution (4-8 parts)
Chapter 3. Cloud Computing Mainstream Technologies (9-13 parts)
Chapter 4. Computing Resource Management in Server Virtualization Scenarios (14-19 parts)
Chapter 5. Storage Resource Management in Server Virtualization Scenarios (20-23 parts)
Chapter 6. Network Resource Management in Server Virtualization Scenarios (24-28 parts)
Chapter 7. VMs and Templates in Server Virtualization Scenarios (29-36 parts)
Chapter 8. Routine Operation (37-38 parts)
Chapter 9. Routine Maintenance (39-41 parts)

You can find additional materials and pass a test here (needs to pass the registration).

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